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Back Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Back Pain Testimonials

“When I first came to Barrington PT, I had herniated two discs in my lower back. I had been in a great deal of pain and had difficulty doing any daily activity. I was also not sleeping through the night. Dave was very knowledgeable and was able to come up with a personalized recover plan for me. He adjusted the plan based on how my recovery was going and based on my feedback. It was obvious that he was thinking about what could best work for me outside of his office time. Dave used a number of different treatments such as manual traction, tissue mobilization, myofascial cupping, electro stimulation, and more to help me on the road to my recovery. I felt other physical therapists gave up on me, but I did not feel that way at Barrington PT. I was very happy with my experience working with Dave.” - Jason F.

“I discovered Barrington Physical Therapy though a free back workshop they were hosting. I had injured my back the month before and I was still dealing with pain and limitations in my daily routine. After my initial intake I committed to a regular schedule of therapy appointments, and home exercise, to get me back on track with my work as a mom, paraprofessional and a yoga teacher. In addition to the therapeutic services, I was also educated on next steps and long term best practice for my back. The education piece is critical for me to make the optimal choices for a healthy back moving forward. I strongly recommend Barrington Physical Therapy based on my results and how easy they were to work with.” - Deb J.

“Having attended a sciatica seminar put on by Dave Abbett and then receiving a strong endorsement from a friend who touted her recovery from pain after having gone to him, I decided to see what he could do for my then-intense pain when bending or crouching in my left hip and leg. I am so glad I did. My six sessions with Dave have helped me be virtually pain free, as well as equipping me to cope with any flare-ups in the future. He recieves my highest recommendation!” - Allison C.

“I came in with hip pain that I didn’t know the cause of. Dave was very helpful and knowledgeable in determining the problem. I was provided with relief at every visit and the tools to strengthen problem areas and alleviate aggravation on my own. Such a great experience!”

“I was having back pain that was keeping me from exercise like yoga practice, snowshoeing and at times walking. Dave was very patient, kind and educated me about what was going on for my back and how to help it heal. Manual therapy, home exercises and stretches had me feeling better after the first couple of sessions. Treatment took a while, but soon enough I returned to my regular yoga practice, treadmill workout and snowshoeing! Thank you Dave, I am very grateful!” - Carol Y.

“When I started physical therapy with Dave, I was having terrible pain in my middle back, neck, and shoulder. It was hurting to do everyday activities like cooking, laundry, washing dishes, and walking my dog. Between the treatments I was getting, and the exercises and stretching Dave taught me to do, I am now able to do so much more than I was before the pain starts. Additionally, I know what I can do to relieve the pain and loosen things up on my own. I consider my experience at Barrington PT to be a success.” - Kim F.

“I came to Barrington Physical Therapy after weeks of pain and limited motion in my lower back and leg. I was in pain at work and home. Dave took time and met with me and asked all the right questions. I started with him at his office and began to see and feel the difference. Dave has a great approach and is very patient. I now have a better understanding of what I need to do to stay healthy with my back. I would recommend Barrington Physical Therapy.” - Greg Z.

“Walking was causing debility and sharp pain in my right leg. The pain level was severe. I did not understand what was causing it. After consulting with Seacoast Physiatry, I was told to undergo physical therapy. After doing some research, I decided to make an appointment with Barrington Physical Therapy. Dave Abbett, the owner and physical therapist, was able to pinpoint my problem and explain to me the mechanics of what was causing the problem. The next several weeks were spent doing stretches, exercises and therapies to alleviate the problem. I am now experiencing little pain and I have tactics for dealing with any future problems. Mr. Abbett is professional, empathetic, competent and cordial. His therapies and guidance helped me very much.” - Michael M.

Shoulder Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Shoulder Pain Testimonials

“After suffering injuries from a fall, I was referred to David Abbett. I could not lift my arm at all and I had a lot of pain. He did several exercises with me and gave me a plan for home. Today because of David and Barrington Physical Therapy I am pain free and have excellent mobility. I would highly recommend David and his business to anyone with a physical challenge.” - Joseph C.

“I’m so pleased to say that the work Dave Abbett has helped me do to recover from the pain in my shoulder has helped me regain my strength and range of motion. I went to a different PT a couple years ago and the work they did didn’t compare to the work/techniques Dave uses/offers. The strengthening exercises were hard and sometimes a little painful at first but as the therapy continued I got stronger and could do them much easier. E-stem cupping and dry needling are two techniques I had never heard of or experienced and they have helped tremendously. Now I can do the activities that were painful not long ago - stack wood, weed, play with my kids and even office work. The best is getting a full night sleep without pain! Thank you Dave Abbett.” - JoAnna A.

“I went to Barrington PT because I had an injured shoulder, diagnosed as bicep tendonitis. I had pretty intense pain and limited range of motion. I also had numbness and tingling down my arm and hand. Dave started me out with some light exercises and some gentle massage and manipulation. After a couple of visits I was treated with dry needling, cupping and electronic stimulation techniques, which greatly reduced my pain. This allowed me to continue exercising at home to strengthen my shoulder. A few visits later I am almost pain free and I feel strong. I would highly recommend Barrington Pt to anyone who needs help with an injury or chronic pain and discomfort.” - Wendi G.

“Found Dave through massage therapist Stacy. She said he’d fix my sore shoulder. He gave me specific exercises to do at home, with the cool Medbridge app on my phone. Exercises made my shoulder stronger. Before I wasn’t sure what I could/couldn’t do with it. As long as it didn’t hurt to do exercise or whatever, I ought to do it. Great PT for a month. Then I’m done! Thank you!” - Sarah E.

Knee Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Knee Pain Testimonials

“I'm a "snowbird," and after two knee replacements plus physical therapy in Arizona in spring 2017, I was concerned that I might not be healing properly. I heard about bPT from a friend and went in for an evaluation. Dave gave me tips, exercises, wonderful knee massages, and homework over just a few sessions, and I'm back on track. He knows his stuff, and he's a great guy to work with! I'll go to Dave any time I need physical therapy.” - Barb

“This has been a great experience. Dave clearly knows his stuff and gently leads you along. The advice, exercises & massages have helped my two new knees immensely, & I feel confident that I’m well on the road to full strength.” - Barbara T.

“At the time Dave came to my space, I was “housebound” & wheelchair-bound due to original misdiagnosis of knee injury & eventually learned that I was experiencing torn ACL in right knee at 75%. Very grateful for household PT because of being housebound along with a very snowy & icy winter. Dave has been very supportive in all PT experiences during our visits & returned a call I had early on re: one of the exercises. Because of Dave’s skill of 20+ yrs, I am now mobile and able to leave apartment which includes stairs to leave. Strongly urge people to work with him!” - Erin P.

Neck Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Neck Pain Testimonials

“After a logging accident in Sept. 2017 I was left with a broken neck with a plate and screws. After over 8 weeks in a cervical collar I was left with almost no movement of the neck. After 2.5 months of PT at Barrington PT I am almost back to 100% movement. Dave at Barrington PT was able to recognize different stages of the healing process and change the treatment accordingly. I could not be happier with the final results and the professionalism dealing with Barrington PT. Thanks Dave.” - Scott D.

“Physical therapy has helped my shoulders & neck feel better than I’ve felt in years. I should have done this sooner.”

Foot and Ankle Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Foot and Ankle Pain Testimonials

“Came in with residual pain after (foot) stress fracture recovery - Dave has been wonderful with understanding my desire to return to the trail while equiping me with the tools to do so!” - Kylee D-E.

“I like going to bPT. Dave is knowledgeable, understanding and friendly. If I feel I can’t do an exercise he suggests another one. He is not pushy. The exercises are appropriate and helpful.” - Earl B.

Arthritis Pain
Barrington Physical Therapy | Arthritis Pain Testimonials

“When I started therapy I was walking with a cane due to so much pain in my groin area. I also had shooting pain in my upper arm. The therapy sessions were done in an atmosphere of friendly cheerfulness. They were emotionally comfortable and very informative. The exercises were not all thrown at me at once but built upon one or two at a time so I could become comfortable with doing them. As I finish therapy I have the tools to continue improving and I no longer walk with a cane.” - Kathleen F.

“It was nice to come somewhere and immediately feel at home and cared for. When you’re dealing with pain or discomfort you can rest assured Dave can help make you stronger and able to more with more flexibility.” - Beth L.

“When I came to BPT it hurt to do everything. But now I am able to do laundry, dishes, I can even clean the snow off my car without pain. Thank you BPT.” - Hollie A.

“Since coming to Barrington Physical Therapy, I am able to get up out of chairs easier, get into the truck easier, and my balance is better.” - Deborah D.

Post-surgical Rehab
Barrington Physical Therapy | Post-surgical Rehab Testimonials

“At eighty-six years old, I feel that I should sit in my rocking chair and watch the world go by, but my whole family doesn’t think this is a good idea. I had a severe fall about two months ago and my ARNP, Tara Fraser, suggested I have some strengthening exercises to prevent falling again. She recommended Dave Abbett, PT, MBA, at Barrington Physical Therapy. Dave has given me challenges and exercises in the office and others to perform at home daily. After a month of therapy, I do feel that I am more confident and stronger on my feet. However, I am not ready to leave my Leki walking stick at home.” - David B.

“Dave is a great guy that makes physical therapy not seem so boring and workout-like. I healed so fast with his help, which I couldn’t believe it made such a difference. I would recommend 10/10 to come see him with your problems.” - Mariah V.

Sports Injuries
Barrington Physical Therapy | Sports Injuries Testimonials

“Having Dave as my PT has been a Godsend. I am a marathon swimmer in need of work done for my back. I was having discomfort flipping my turns (of which there are many in a 25-yard pool) and finding enough core strength that wouldn’t aggravate my back for generating power in my stroke. With twice weekly sessions and then tapering to once weekly, my lower back muscle knots & strains slowly subsided so that I am pain free. Thanks to Dave, I’m now swimming 4-5 miles without complaints.” - Robyn S.

“I injured my arm bowling. The pain came from right below my elbow. Simple movements, like reaching into my back pocket to retrieve my wallet, sent pain through my arm. My wife suggested going to Barrington Physical Therapy, because they helped her when she had tennis elbow. Following her advice, I made an appointment and met Dave. Dave did his analysis on my arm and proceeded to “work his magic.” He explained what was happening with my arm and muscles. He also explained what he was going to do to heal it. I was given several small exercises to perform between visits. After two weeks, I tried bowling again and I was pain free. BPT and I agreed, I don’t need future visits unless the pain returns. I will keep up with the exercises I have been given to keep my arm and muscles pain free.” - Mark D.

“Dave’s easy-going nature makes working with him very pleasant. He is also very knowledgeable, which reassured me that I was in good hands, especially after my specialist misdiagnosed me! Nevertheless, Dave figured out the real problem and corrected it wonderfully! Thank you Dave!” - Carla D.