Shoulder Workshop

Our New Shoulder Workshop Shows How You Can Get Back To Normal Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery.


Barrington Physical Therapy | Shoulder Pain Workshop

Wednesday, February 9, 2019
6:00 PM

Barrington Physical Therapy
8 Commerce Way Unit 3
Barrington, NH 03825

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We host our Shoulder Workshop in February and August.

"Find out the cause of your shoulder pain, and what to do about it without medications, injections, or surgery."

Go to the Shoulder Pain Workshop and Learn:

  1. The single worst position to sleep in that causes BIG problems in the shoulder and rotator cuff...
  2. The #1 Biggest Mistake people suffering with shoulder pain make which surprisingly can lead to rotator cuff surgery...
  3. The Common Causes of Rotator Cuff Problems...
  4. The Top 3 Exercises for the Rotator Cuff...

Who is the Workshop For?

The​ Rotator​ Cuff​ Workshop​ is​ for​ people​ suffering​ with​ shoulder​ pain​ who​ are​ looking​ to​ feel normal​ again​ and​ heal​ naturally​ without​ medications,​ injections​ and​ surgery.

Do​ you​ have​ shoulder​ ​pain​ when​ you:

  1. Reach up high?
  2. Lift something heavy?
  3. Reach behind your back?
  4. Sleep at night?
  5. Reach into the back seat?
  6. Do​ work​ around​ the​ house​ or​ yard?
  7. Get​ dressed?

If​ you​ do​ AND​ you’re​ looking​ for​ Natural,​ Non-Invasive​ Treatment,​ then​ Save​ Your​ Spot​ for​ the Rotator​ Cuff​ Workshop​ by​ filling​ in​ your​ name​ and​ information.

Register now by calling (603) 617-4420

Because​ ​of​ space​ limitations,​ the​ Rotator​ Cuff​ Workshop​ is​ limited​ to​ the​ first​ 10 Registrants...

If you are struggling with shoulder pain and can't wait until the workshop, we offer a FREE SCREENING EXAMINATION - CALL TO SCHEDULE (603) 617-4420.

What do they have to say?

After suffering injuries from a fall, I could not lift my arm at all and I had a lot of pain. He did several exercises with me and gave me a plan for home. Today because of David and Barrington Physical Therapy I am pain free and have excellent mobility. I would highly recommend David and his business to anyone with a physical challenge.” - Joseph C.

“I’m so pleased to say that the work Dave Abbett has helped me do to recover from the pain in my shoulder has helped me regain my strength and range of motion. I went to a different PT a couple years ago and the work they did didn’t compare to the work/techniques Dave uses/offers. E-stim with dry needling are two techniques I had never heard of or experienced and they have helped tremendously. Now I can do the activities that were painful not long ago - stack wood, weed, play with my kids and even office work. The best is getting a full night sleep without pain! Thank you Dave Abbett.” - JoAnna A.

“I went to Barrington PT because I had an injured shoulder, diagnosed as bicep tendonitis. I had pretty intense pain and limited range of motion. I also had numbness and tingling down my arm and hand. Dave started me out with some light exercises and some gentle massage and manipulation. After a couple of visits I was treated with dry needling, cupping and electronic stimulation techniques, which greatly reduced my pain. This allowed me to continue exercising at home to strengthen my shoulder. A few visits later I am almost pain free and I feel strong. I would highly recommend Barrington Pt to anyone who needs help with an injury or chronic pain and discomfort.” - Wendi G

Register now by calling (603) 617-4420


We have limited spots available and space will fill up fast, so register now to avoid missing out.

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